Writing Me

It is a short serries about me which is what I think neccesary to give meaning to this blog spirit. It is also to expose my readers to my hard-earned preferences in order to understand more about me.

Readers and critics should read more than one thing that a writer wrote, which is not really his personal experience, in order to understand his motives. Whatever a writer wrote I presume is enfluenced by his thinking and to the extend the environment in which he lives or grows up.

Where I grew up, forinstance, is making me feel how pleasant reading personal experience is. What I know is not probably what you know. This starts from thinking and then where you live or grow up, which shapes your reasoning capacity. This is the reason why people you live with hardly find your writing very interesting, because they know what and why you write. It is the next generation that may celebrate you, may be when you are no longer there.

Writing from observation, which is a mirror through which a reader stares at himself and the environment, is pleasant.

I feel happy writing about lizard, cat, dog, rat, snake, aardvark and other animals adventures I observed. The stories about cat and about dog are here and here which I wrote to depict how pets suffered in the hands of poor africans. The stories are non-fiction–they happened real.

Gadering these lines of observations is not easy, although nothing good comes easy. Motivations, which come from what I was reading on other blogs, help me write more.

Loving to write what I like reading is what I think delayed my success 20% in writingphere, because my readers may not like what I like, thereby making me somehow depressed.