When Millions Of People Read Your Work, You Think You Will Be Happy (Part 1)


Have you ever rushed to post, publish or submit a piece, thinking many readers would rush to read it? Or do you think all writers jubilate when many people read their work?

It took me a haul to reach this article to completion, yet this is not going viral. This is not even enough. Some articles or culumns on magazines or newspapers might have taken the writer a couple of weeks to completion. Even editors know this, and so they advise writers to take time or else suffer rejections.

The following are factors that distort the happiness of going viral:

*.Meaning Error
*.Swear Words
*.Wrong Ideas Networking
*.Poor Detailing
*.Spelling And Punctuations Error

Here we discussed them one after the other.

Meaning Error

Apart from other reasons, what causes rejection is meaning error, because it’s where new writers mess up. Meaning error can occur through a word, phrase, clause or sentence and must affect the general meaning of the whole piece, when a writer means what a reader misunderstands. The following passage illustrates it:

These days going to school does not guarantee government to offer you employment—after graduation. This is the wrong thinking of teenagers nowadays.

The writer means it’s wrong for teenagers to think when they graduate Government will employ them. But as you can read the passage, as ambiguous as it’s, it doesn’t tell the reader what the writer means. Here the reader guesses or imagines what the writer means and continue reading the piece.

The reader may capture “…the wrong thinking of teenagers nowadays” is:
A. about going to school or…
B. about government or…
C. about graduation.

In this case, the reader doesn’t know what “This” in particular (in the second sentence) is referring to. It becomes dark in the whole piece.

Another illustration is thus:

Assuming you want to explain in details why something occurred, and you start it right away but soon begin to use big English to blow our minds. In a way you’re right. Latter, whether you get it successful, you’ll feel unhappy that you wrote what you don’t mean: as if you got it by coincidence, which means you can’t do it again, or you’re not a whiskid.

The following sentence also has a meaning error:

Dominion wanted to go to school to work hard.

The writer means Dominion goes to school to study hard, especting the reader to reason, but it’s ambiguous. Dominion can work hard as a teacher or as a typist in school, not only as a student.

Swear Words

According to a Google Search, a swear word is an offensive word, used especially as an expression of anger. In online Urban Dictionary examples of swear words include:

lardass-overweight individual

In Nigeria, words like beggar, Almajiri, illiterate, corrupt government, uneducated, Islamic terrorists, educated-illiterate, and words that describe someone that is short, albino, ugly or disable in some ways—all words that offend someone or act against any religious belief are swear words. some writers use them deliberately, while some spontaneously to regret. For instance:

“Most graduates nowadays are ‘educated-illiterate’.” makes the writer feel regret after publication.

“The ‘Islamic’ Terrorists are conquering the North-east.” is even worst.

‘At the street corner, Emeka held an empty dish like an ‘almajiri.” can make Hausa people feel offended.

Wrong Ideas Networking

Observe the difference between these two passages:

A. A dog entered a room like a shooting of an arrow. It was still a puppy but its big head showed it would grow to be a bulldog.

B. A dog, which was still a puppy but its big head showed it would grow to be a bulldog, entered a room like a shooting of an arrow.

Meaning the same, both passages are correct, but the second one is tightened and easier to pass than the first one. This is due to wrong networking of ideas. The second one demonstrates the right network of ideas, which won’t make the piece weak. This shows when sentences are properly linked, the paragraphs can be ok and can make it to the next error….