What To Do When You Realize You Are With The Man With A Gun

By Maren John Mafuyai

Having a personal gun is not a serious crime these days and be careful.

If you are together with someone with a gun, whether your husband, friend, or brother, no matter how little he is, you are in a high risk.

In 2004 when I realized the boys I was with were pointing a gun at me, I pretended I was not panic and embarked on a profuse, impressive smile, trying not to vomit something that might offend them. I assumed all was a joke and it ended so.

Your own may be different and know it is not a joke to die within a short time just like Oscar Pistorius’ girl friend.

Thou shall not doll in this horrible situation.

Don’t show the man with a gun you are afraid. In other words you are dead if you panic.

Try as much as possible to maintain your confidence, the feeling that all is well while planning your escape.

Don’t crack joke. Remain silent. Respond impressively to whatever he says; manage such risk with all your heart, try to scurry your life away.

Give him more respect than usual.

No one knew what let to Oscar Pistorius’ killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on 14th February 2013. Perhaps it was a minor thing.

Surrender when things redden.