Something New

Utat sat on a wooden chair. She watched two sky scrapers, through the window.

A few minutes latter, her friend introduced her younger sister and their last born to her.

“How are you Emma?” she said.

He put his face down and said, “Fine.”

When their father returned home, she would see he resembled his father.

To greet her mum, they walked out, followed a passage and entered the kitchen through the dining. A plastic cross in the middle of a glass table. She forgot to remove her shoes, she wispered to her friend. Her friend too had shoes in her feet.

They found her mother sitting on a plastic stool.

Her friend introduced her to her mum. They were in the same university, in the same level and in the same department, she said.

“You are welcomed my daughter.”

She told her her friend would spend a week here.

“You’re really welcomed”, she said.

They returned to their room. Her friend wore a white vest. Utat did the same.