something New 2

Now this is J-Town where, she heard, most people are highly civilised. But initially, as the saying goes, one might see them as if they are not socialized. And this might be because she comes here with her vague reasoning faculty from Lagos or Abuja before gradually knowing they behave this way to make life simple for them.

At 6pm lying in bed, she heard Daddy is back and her heart pounded as if her last semester result was out. She remembered she had to calm and that voice told her to wait for her friend to tell her to go and greet him and after that remain silent if he didn’t ask further.

Later, to her, it was a nightmare as she followed her friend to see him. They followed a route they followed before when they went to see her mum. The cross was still there shining. When she expected to see him in the parlor, since he was not there, she took them to his study. And he was not there. So she told her to wait in the parlor as she entered the bed room.

When she saw him wearing a sleeping gown, she greeted him and told him she came from school for a vacation and that she came with her friend, her classmate from Abuja who would spend a week with her and return home.

After he wore his glasses, he nodded and said nothing since there was another time to talk.

As she entered the parlor, her friend had buried her face in a smart phone. Before, by now atleast more than 15 male users had liked or commented on it. But no one.

When her friend came, they went into the room.

But when her sister anounced that food is ready, it became a problem as she knew the obvious system: all going to the dining table, where everyone would see her mouth as she ate. But that voice told her to stop bothering about how her mouth looked, that every mouth is like that when eating. If someone tells you your mouth is ugly when eating, it is an insult so don’t change the way you eat because if you do it is like you hand her a remote to control your life.