How not to Agree to Have Premarrital Sex with your Boy Friend

Barnett R. Brickner said, “Success in marriage does not come merely just by finding the right mate, but through being the right mate.”

But where does this success begin?

Being the right mate must begin somewhere and, in any democratic world, there is hardly or no strong relationship between you and your boy friend without sleeping together.

In my own case, my girl friend was a church girl and like she felt there’s no how to continue loving me without sleeping with me, which she didn’t like. She was mourning. And thanks I understood.

When you go round the city and villages, you must discover my fiancĂ©e wasn’t alone. She and others should hear that success of being a right mate begins from a premarrital relationship inwhich it’s hard to trust each other, without sleeping together. That is, once you sit far on the edge of his bed, you lose him to another girl.

But don’t be in a rush to just open it. Beware!

I’ve a daughter too I love so much. I can’t mislead you for I’m misleading my daughter too if I do so. Here’s the deal:

Agree to have a premarrital sex with your boy friend and then disagree!

Don’t Wait till after he does what a boy friend should do to his girl up to starting touching your breast or back before telling him the truth. As soon as you see he’s serious after saying he loves you and you agree, start managing it.

First, say, “Let’s visit my parents.”

After visiting your parents, say, “I need us to see your parents.”

After visiting his parents, say, “Let’s go to the hospital and know our health status.”

After knowing your Health status all positive, ask, “Why not doing introduction before having sex?”

After introduction, ask, “Why not just marry in order not to sin against God?”

After marrying, you win.

If he refuses to do even one of those things you demand, you know he doesn’t love you. Perhaps he thought you were a prostitute or a high libido type that needs sex. Now he knows the truth. So he’ll respect you more than he does before. He can even confess on his knees and continue loving you the more.

But if he agrees, you know you can have a good husband soon.

However, what’s killing, some men would agree to disagree. After sleeping with you, forinstance, they’ll run to another Mary. But if you’re a good observer, you’ll know this type of guys before they reach to that point. Just agree only with guys that you know their history.

There are two types of handsome guys: the one that’s “I must really entre this girl” and the one that’s “If this girl agrees, I’ll marry her even today.”

So you see many good girls marry their classmates, working coligues, neighbors or friends of friends, for they feel It’s good to marry the one they know.

Go get your own to respect you instead of taking a risk when there’s this idea. A risk should be taken only when there’s no other way or ideas to follow.

Remember Lee Iacocca said: “You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.”