From Pet, Meat | Poor Africans Attitude

A dog came close to its owner without knowing it was sold 5,000 Naira (about USD$42), with nought presentiment. The money wasn’t even enough, but its owner didn’t care. They said it is not a sin to do what ever you want with your pet, except sex. To have sex with a pet is a strange thing.

The dog kept on wagging its brown tail at his feet, without being even a little dispirited or doubting. Under his legs, it wagged and wagged with no lethargy occurrence.

In the evening, when the buyer arrived, it felt a strange silent in the parlor, looking at its owner whose face was lurid, as if today there wouldn’t be a peace of mind.

Nothing disconcerted it as the buyer brought out a 2 by 2 piece of brown wood. In his face there was a note like that of a skillful executioner, who should have been at Adolf Hitler concentration camp, a dog can’t dictate.

This showed he, the buyer was anxious, to execute his mission. Therefore, the owner called his dog and it obeyed, wagging its tail as usual, with indefinite hope of courteous friendship and survival. Its owner knew this hope but still his face was lurid.

It was so when with all his strength the buyer skillfully stroke it with a piece of wood on the head, its blood sprinkling like rain, staining the wall.

When it was not absolutely death as it vibrated but too weak to survive, its killer thrust it into his white sack, carried it up on his back and with pride walked toward the exit.