Clean Your Writing With These Techniques

It is very difficult to know if your writing is weak until you publish it. Editing after publishing your writing doesn’t work absolutely as it affects the links in social network or wherever you leave them for your readers access. These techniques help you clean your writing before publishing it so as to live more comfortable seeing it going viral.

Use the key words for introducing your headings and subheadings. A key word is found only in the heading or subheading of your piece. Since the heading of this piece is ‘Clean Your Writing With These Techniques’, the key words are ‘writing’ and ‘technique(s)’. To gain a good focus, my introduction carries both of them. Key words are used to maintain focus on one subject.

Remove bad ‘which’, ‘that’ and ‘who’ in your writing. But you may not know whether you’re using each in a wrong place. If you don’t know, you need to study grammar to make sure your writing is clean.

Check sentences that need to be joined, using present participles. Without replacing the subordinate conjunction with the present participle, the second sentence won’t flow:

First sentence without present participle: Emmy went to school while crying.

Second sentence with present participle: Emmy went to school, crying.

Note that these techniques are not only the checklist for revision. You use them only during polish after you know your structure (introduction, body and conclusion) is correct. Make sure the words you used are also correct. Using only these techniques in your writing won’t take you anywhere.

Apply these techniques after your structure and meaning are normal, and live comfortable seeing your writing going viral. Don’t forget to check spelling and punctuations whether they’re correct. Goodluck!