Adult Gossip/Sex

By Maren John Mafuyai

An Eastern Nigerian, Safi, has told me about his sex life….

After work, he pilots his wife to a wide-spaced room, called a bedroom, where there are only a bed and slippers. His wife, Constance, knows and also loves it for, according to him, she is high libido. Safi says it was not the only place he uses to do it, he also uses kitchen and bathroom to have a clean sex.
Asked how he does it in the kitchen and bathroom, he mentions ‘Dog style’, she holds a kitchen sink or a bathtub and gives him behind. He recalls how his uncle did it, when he lived with them as a boy in Calabar. He says he caught his uncle doing it in the garage.
Safi usually has a morning sex in a bathroom before going to work. He says his wife is not moaning or groaning and he likes it. Doing this makes some guys feel they have big dicks, but it is not all. Some women do it for fun, not because they felt its over pinings.

It takes me an hour talking with Safi in his pharmaceutical store in Jos city and he says our conversation is very interesting because he loves talking about matters relating to sex. From there, he invites me to have a lunch with him in Mr. Bigs restaurant, where we continue talking over noodles with salad cream.
Safi says he married his wife as a virgin, and she becomes high libido because he teaches her how to enjoy sex. On several occasions, he says, she calls him home for a meal. He often finds her in her charming sleeping gown and pilots her to that room. There was a time, he says, they did it inside a dining room over a meal.

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