How to Avoid Writing on your Cloth

By Maren John Mafuyai

Writing on your cloth is a bad habit. Understand why you write on it and be alert.

* Change the way you arrange books or papers on your table or desk . This helps you manage spaces for keeping other things like pen container and cup.
* Use pen container to keep your pens after use . Pen container is where to keep your pen before reading. It should be in your right or left hand side.
* If there is no container, cover your pen and keep it on the table . Pen cover serves two purposes: use it to cover the pen to avoid staining your pocket or cloth with ink. Also use it to hang the pen on the chest pocket.
* Don’t hold the pen uncovered while reading . Don’t also use it following the lines. Holding it uncovered while reading, you may stain your cloth or book with ink.
* Avoid touching your forehead or picking your nose or something while holding your pen uncovered . Self control makes you alert all the time.
* Don’t hold your pen uncovered while thinking . Doing two things at the same time causes forgetfulness. Similarly, don’t discuss with someone while holding a pen uncovered. You may stain your cloth.

Other bad habits of handling pen include:
* Putting the tip or bottom of your pen in your mouth : You can contact diseases such as ebola, cholera, etc most especially if you are not regularly and properly washing up your hands. Remembering to keep your pen in its container or on the table when not writing is a remedy.
* Touching your forehead with your pen : You can wound it or your eye especially when thinking of something else. Wounding your forehead or your eye can make you sick and lose interest in whatever you are doing.
* Relaxing while holding a pen without cover : You may stain your cloth with ink.
* Sleeping with a pen in your hand : Not only at home or inside a dormitory, it happens even in the office or class. If you feel tired or weak, keep your pen away from you or else get stains or wounded.