Thoughts about Motivational Quotes, 10 Motivational Expressions

By Maren John Mafuyai

People that Criticise Badly, and Reasons

Understanding people that criticise badly can make you control your anger whenever you smell them elsewhere.
They criticise to show their knowledge.
Bragging of having special knowledge becomes a hobby to many unemployed graduates and undergraduates nowadays, taking delight in participating in several online forums to merely criticise others.
They exercise bad manners.
People with this attitude are naturally happy in making others angry or timid. Feeling disrupted at seeing how others succeed is causing havoc to online marketers. And the rate at which this is going on is high.
They sneer at others .
This category of people are showing other people’s disadvantages with abusive language which is beyond actual criticism.

Bad Ideas about Motivational Quotes

Some people wonder why others buy motivational quotes and, as the result, tell non-sense about them. You can hear them saying:
Action is better than words.
This shows irrelivance of motivational quotes, but there are two questions here:
1. How can you archieve your goals without having ideas first?
2. Is it not through holding meetings that companies, institutions or organisations thrive?
We need to hear it from celebrities.
A motivational quote must not come from celebrities’ experiences alone, but people expect to hear it from them.
A motivational quote can come from both thinking and experience, which are the useful sources of knowledge for both the rich and the poor. You can think of what you may never experience.

10 Motivational Expressions

These sound like what we hear daily in conversations.
1. Greatness comes with passion. You may have it in you, being considerably above average in size, intensity, ability, quality, or importance, if you think like rich, talented people.
2. Don’t waste your time. Using time wisely shows your highly human diligence and intelligence.
3. Find your love. If you are alone, you need someone close to live with.
4. Sky is your limit. Expanding your frontier to claim your world makes you a celebrity.
5. Think of your work. High level of hard work determines high level of success.
6. Know your stands. Knowing your stands helps you chose your goals to go high.
7. Don’t be the eight but the first. This expression makes the world a racing field where one has a doubt, which reduces his or her height of success, until he or she wins.
8. Health is wealth. Doing regular medical check-up twice or thrice each year enables you live longer.
9. Time is money. You can be a billionaire in your younger age, if you make good use of your time.
10. One love keeps us together. This was made a song to equally mean: if people will live in peace, without having disputes or grudge with one another, no one may think of going to Heaven.