Are You Lacking Concentration? Say No with these Techniques

Concentrate on a particular niche to make time meaningful. Don’t clock 60 or 70 without a footprint. concentrate to achieve what others achieved. As a writer, sometimes I do lack concentration, but using these techniques help me a lot.

Go to internet or local bookshop, ask for biographies of people like Wole Soyinka, Bill Gates, Ben Cason, Chinua Achebe, etc, read them when you are bored.

Find other stocks of short biographies in news papers and magazines. Read interviews. is a good option to read motivational articles. There you get free ebooks. You subscribe to a free post every Mondays and Thursdays. It makes you get charged up to work towards your goals.

Other sources include forums like Fiver, Nairaland, Linkedin, etc. Use Facebook to search for pages that give motivational quotes and inspirations. Buy motivational books of your choice on