How I Am Writing A Book (1)

If you don’t know what a book is, you’re not reading this one. A book is your companion, which you need to source knowledge and education for successful living.

Working on a book is hard. What you alone can do is first, second and third draft, before showing it to someone. Draft is a process of writing. First draft is what you write after a plot and an outline. It is never edited. Plot is a summary of what you set to write, while outline is a step-by-step you follow to reach conclusion.

Even novels follow outlines. A typical example, of an outline, is a topic sentence — a topic of a paragraph (a unit of a passage).

The following is a paragraph containing a topic sentence in bold:

The form of mental energy by which the life instincts perform their work is called ‘libido.’ it drives man into the search for pleasure. Right from infancy, the individual is influenced by it to achieve mature development. At infancy, the child’s search for gratification is limited to the release of hunger tension. This is attained by the child’s search for the mother’s breast. The child’s pleasure thus is the satisfaction of self, through the breast. In the 3rd or 4th year, the child’s genitals become a major focus of libidinal energy….

Outlines, however, can be used as topic sentences or subheadings. Subheadings mean subtitles. For instance, under Family Issues as a title, we have Father As A Head Of The Family as a subtitle, which is a title or a heading under a title or a heading.

The following are examples of outlines under a title, How And Why Sexual Relationship Last:

-How Sexual Relationship Last
-Why Sexual Relationship Last

Using outlines simplifies the writing process 50% and displays the map and the route of your content, indicating where you are heading to. It shows if your book is rich with good ideas and style for audience or not. Audience are readers you set in mind in planning and executing writing process. Writing process is what I discussed further.

Writing process is what a writer must follow to get his or her writing published by sending the writing to the publishing industry. However, one can do self-publication which is an act of publishing by him or her self. But there is a big risk if you are a newbie or if your writing is your debut. A newbie is an artist that is new in a particular niche. Hence any first published work by a newbie is called a debut.

The following is the writing process.

In the writing process, one needs to follow a route, walking to be an established and published writer. An established writer is renown as a dedicated and experienced writer, through hard work and good style.

Good style is an interesting thing to discuss, however, we need to be through with main issues (the writing process) first.

The real beginning of non assignment writing is inspiration. Non assignment writing is a writing that is not given as an assignment. It is not also a ghost writing, which is a kind of writing done by a professional writer to be claimed by the employer. Here an employer is a person that employs you to write his book. Ghost writings are mostly speeches, biographies and autobiography. The inspiration comes from the employer.

Inspiration is an idea of what to write about, which is sometimes hard to get. Although there are bunches of ideas for fiction and nonfiction writing, getting ideas that attract audience is not easy. Ideas that are new or uncommon are what attract audience, and to get them is not easy. What you need to do is random writing, a type of writing you do even though you don’t know where you are heading to. It is also called free writing. From there you stumble on some words that open a window to something of interest to your readers. From there you become a remarkable writer like those you know.

Plot is a summary of what you intend to write about to remind you of where you are heading to, which can be a big reason why you are writing the book. Your readers are expected to follow where you are heading to in order to understand the message you are putting across.

Example of a short plot:

“He fought his parents to get his wife.”

Plot is only useful to fiction or narrative writers.

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