Behind Authoring an E-book: Must You be a professional Writer?

Maren John Mafuyai

What people think

A writer and an author mean the same, which is not true.
Others think the difference is, to become an author, you must be a writer, but no.
Most people who believe you must learn how to edit before becoming a writer or author are failed writers.
The big questions we need to ask ourselves are:
1. Is it true that the former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela, wrote “A Walk to Freedom” himself? If writing is difficult, how did he get time to write such a big book?
2. How did Ben Cason leave his medical profession to write “Gifted Hands?”
3. What do we mean by a ghost writer?
The meaning of a ghost writer will tell you you don’t have to be a writer to author a book.
You will learn that:
1. There are professional writers. Professional writers write to earn a living.
2. It is obvious a president with a lot of duties can’t even write a speech himself let alone a book.
3. A good book must have past through several hands before getting published.
These mean most authors are not writers. They used ghost writers to write for them.

Here is all about it

E-book is an eletronique book found on internet. is a popular site for buying and selling them. You mustn’t be a writer to author an e-book but you have to pay big money to gain big profit! Plus you are an author which is a celebrity name.
You claim ownership of e-book and sell it for a life-time. Your gains are uncountable.
An e-book bears your name as an author, including your copyright and can be featured in any of your C.V.
Serious e-book is not something you think of paying a little amount to get it done. Even writing a few 400 words blogs surpass that hit. E-books the best selling items on internet!

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