About | Poor Me | 15 April, 2015

I can’t say all. For if I do, even the world, which is a place where animals exist to decease, can’t carry them.

The world was not like this concourse oasis, before I started writing.

As a teacher I found no writing easier. I decided to quit After uncountable tries.

Good writing is unlike school assingments.

I write and teach in Nigeria.

But, teaching, the primary source of my income, is becoming boring, because I give it less attention because of writing.

So I decide to attain to readjustment or reshufflement.

If it’s writing I have no brand and no affiliation. So we can call this a personal blog on which I share only my thought and ideas.

You can invite me to write or translate something for you. And I can write a news paper column or a report partaining language aquisition, dating, motivation, humor, etc.