A Dog, pet and meat

Over a weekend I took some minutes observing a dog, it’s important to improve my thinking for good in a world, where class thing is hard to ignore.

A young hopeful bachelor just returned home and his brown dog welcomed him, wagging its tail and looking so playful and obedient that one can imagine it smilling, I used to say it smiled. This had been repeated more often in the same fashion, only sometimes it sprang more higher to hug him.

A dog is a pet that welcomes its owner with human feeling.

Apart from that important act, while a young bachelor entered his room, a dog lied on a doormat so when I went near the door, it barked to remind the bachelor that something strange was at his door.

A dog serves as a good guard.

One day in the morning, when a young bachelor walked with its dog in the street, I waved him helo. As he stopped to greet me, the dog, not in a chain, also stopped looking at me, just like your friend or kid would do when you stop to greet someone.

This is amazing. So a dog too functions as a good companion to have a walk with. You can live with your dog at home and go out with it as well.

By a mere look, the bachelor now felt happy and proud about his dog. Atleast, now, he had someone dear and so obedient as a company. He had the best pet on earth.

One day in the forth street, an evening market, when I saw the young bachelor sat on a plastic chair laughing while eating dog meat, spending about USD$2, I was afraid something humanly wicked and abysmal might happen to his dog at anytime. Perhaps his dog too could be eaten as well.

Upon all the best attitudes and use of a dog towards humans Africans were yet to find a good reason to take good care of dogs and avoid killing them for food or for relaxation purpose.

If we talk about this, however, what do we say about people slautering their fellow humans for religious or ritual sake? What do we say about step mothers maltreating their step children? Or what do we say about rapists and child traffickers? No wonder, never trust anyone.