The art of Making Sentences

A sentence is the most important unit of any kind of writing and speech.
We often make it either consciously or unconsciously.
But what many of us don’t know is, there is an art of making sentences–when a writer write correct stand-alone sentences and let them rest. Which is a good practice to write a masterpiece.
writing correct sentences, as knowing them, is a shortcut to be a good writer.
For example, the following sentences are correct and can stand alone:
*.Let’s do it the way it looks as if it is a lie so I can deny it when investigation arises.
*.I knew blacks had thousands of dirty cities with a few or no sky scrapers.
*.On our way home, he paid a caligrapher to write this on a board:
the Glorious Son of Azewata,
Brussels, Belgium.
*.Writing something in a diary, the man said, “Brussels is a good city, like Romania.”
*.He showed me his picture although he had shown me—the one he wore overcoat and bowler.
*.Do you know that my bro could have flown to USA if he is still alive?
I challenge you to embark on an art of making sentences.


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