She Will Praise You Before Her Friends

  • Girls need brave guys. They take them as heroes, mentors and idols.

    Does your girl take you as such? Does she make neighbours gossip about you?

    If your answer is no, behave like dating gurus.

    NEVER SAY NO I CAN’T. SAY I DON’T OR YES AND TAKE CONTROL. TELL HER STORIES OF YOUR VICTORIES. You can tell how you got historic employment, how you defeated someone that attempted to cheat a woman; how you reported and won a lecturer that gave you a wrong result, how you helped a woman recover her money from the bank or how you visited a place of your dream.

    SHOW YOU CAN LEAD THE WORLD. You know how to tackle hard disputes. You were the one that caused the salary raise in your company from 35% to 70%….

    Talk as if you’re revealing a secret.

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