Afternoon nap is a pleasant time, especially to lazy people. Its comfort is in the bed. Avoiding it is the most adverse or ridiculous issue. Ridiculous in the sense that it makes the victim laugh at he, who dares advise him or her to stop. This category of people are, scrutinized, lazier beyond reasonable thought.

(If you still think this is not a useful content, stop reading).

Over the years I discover lying in bed in the afternoon a productivity killer. Productivity is what makes one achieve his goal within a short time. While goals achievement is a great success on earth, afternoon nap in bed causes poverty as it doesn’t help any right thinking person in history. History is what reminds everyone of how he or she were yesterday. This checklist would remind you of how you were wasting your time in afternoon nap.

Making your room clean is the secret. The cleanliness of your room makes you feel to do something, rather than taking a nap.

Keep Your Table Clean

Table is where you keep your reading or writing materials. Remove any unnecessary thing that is not part of those materials. Unnecessary things can be cups, tooth brush or paste, mirror, handkerchief, stapler, battery chargers, socks etc. They should be inside a drawer or safe. Your drawer or safe can be something else like wardrobe, iron box or peg.

Decorate Your Table Surroundings

Table surroundings are spaces provided under and surround the table. The underneath or surrounding must be clear of any article, dirt or stain. Dirt can be any unwanted pieces of papers or dust either on a hard floor or carpet.

Having Kept the spaces clean, sow a flowering plant in the pot and keep it at the right hand side underneath. The right hand side underneath option is due to connect its soothing senses direct to your heart. It may be ridiculous to say flowering plant reduces depression or boredom 20%. But scientific discovery reveals.

Keep Your Bed Clean

Bed looks cleaner if you use a clean bedsheet. A bedsheet I prefere is white. I choose it because of its sense of cleanliness when it is well washed with detergent. This sense of cleanliness makes you feel to leave the bed there untouched. To dazzle any new visitor.

Position Your T.V To Face Your Table Chair

In most rooms TV screen faces the bed to make the lier feel comfortable to watch programs. These programmes could be news, interviews, or documentaries. They can support a lier to spend many hours of unproductivity. They can lead to sleep as well as weak of the body.

Weakness of the body is a symptom of lack of balance of the body and exercise. Instead of experiencing this killer, position yourself upright in your table chair and have a nice TV watch.

Keeping your table clean, decorating your table surrounding, keeping your bed clean and positioning your TV to face your table chair give you a pleasure you never thought of!