The only way to get a right woman is through dating. Here is a read to see dating simpler than you think.

I’ve been writing on how to behave to attract girls. I’ve been experimenting on how to explore their psychology. Because I’m a man.

(But being a man doesn’t mean I understood men’s psychology, hundred percent.)

Pretense is an effective way to attract a girl. You must look more than how YOU look.

Girls maintain eye contact, leave other sensitive parts of their bodies bare or sit the way you feel they’re available. If you show you don’t care, they will be surprise at which guy you are. Remain quiet.

If they involve you in their conversation, maintain normal voice, say something to make them feel to correct you. If they do, don’t smile.

Next, say something to make them hope you’re successful. Think of a better place in a country or in a state that you’re in. Look at her, put your face down and say, “This month again! I must catch a train to Victoria Island.” Remain quiet.

In her mind she has started counting your value. Within a short time she’ll keep watching you.

Meanwhile, say something again, like, “I’m having questions on estate development. I’m talking of high estate with first class apartments.” Give her a romantic look to show you’re waiting for an answer.

She’ll be careful not to say something to endanger her claim. In most cases, she won’t say anything. She’s aware you deserve respect.

Now you attract her. You can press further to get her on your bed. We’ve simple resources to help you do that: A Guide To Take Her Home.