Sex/ Another Secret, Make Her Desperate to…

You must crucially be shy if you want to openly tell a girl you love her to be yours, if you want to meet a girl you have never seen before, trying to make her love you at once.

You think you are handsome, clean, having done all what you need to look responsible for a woman to develop interest in you, and she possibly does. But after she knew you are not eventually that person she thought you were worth, because You can’t make her feel you are a savvy lover, she turns back from you far away with a remorse.

It is not the beginning, but how the end may be is the case. if you can’t keep love going by playing with her heart, you will certainly miss out.

Make her feel she needs to satisfy you before someone else will. Show her you are self-serving not self-sacrificing.

Searching for your love one is not like searching for a worker to work for you. Feel free. Make your legs straight. Make your mind clear. Warm up and feel as if you are not searching for anything. As if you don’t care. as if nothing love has ever existed in your dictionary.

After being through with ‘this secret’, after having finally gotten your most-sought girl and lacked how to manage her to last with you, you can email me to negotiate because, as for now, the secret is in my draft ready to be out. A cuttin-age secret that will make you realise you must learn how to satisfy a woman. Don’t put your opportunities at stake.

Make Her Interesting

But wait! I am not particularly talking of a girl you accidentally meet in a party, in a function, in a trip, or on your way going somewhere. I am talking of the one that is in your neighbourhood, in your working place, or in your school.

  • Don’t show you are interesting.

    Be normal, absolutely bothering only on your business, while being too close to her without saying a word, unless she asks, or unless you are talking of what doesn’t concern love, something like travel or politics.

    If she need help, help her.

    Not money! Don’t give her money like a fool even if she asks for it, unless she sold or did something that requires payment. If you give her money out, she may ask why you give her.

    When you give her a gift, it is as if you are in a bit using a very cheap trick to convince her to love you.

    Don’t be afraid if she may call you a stingy man, you are not the only stingy man on earth. All stingy men I knew married beautiful women.

    You opt to show her you are reasonable, you have a particular sense of management, you are intelligent, you are a man of your own principles.

    When I was learning love tricks and values, one of my friend, who snatched my girl friend when I wasn’t educated in the game, said the best thing is to surprise her. “You should schedule to do goodies only when she doesn’t expect.”

  • Don’t say, “I love you.”

    Let your action speaks.

    When you say, ‘I love you’, she may proudly reply, “It is not wrong to love someone”, and laugh at you. Some girls may sarcastically ask which type of love you mean, and what ever you reply can make them outclass you.

  • Make her consistently feel interesting.

    Make her need you by proving you are a real man. A real man always looks as if he is wicked.

    Initially, I have largely emphasized on how to make a girl interesting in you. Don’t show her you are interesting. Don’t say ‘I love you’, don’t even use any word like love. Don’t discourse about relationship. Don’t give her money, but show her you are satisfactorily rich.

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