Sex/The Top Secret, Top Content

As a Romance Psychological ‘Writer’, I don’t mean to sound breakneck as if I am perfect in making ‘divine negotiation’ to have ‘clean’ and moral sex, but this things really have their way to greatly better work!

The top secret I am revealing is top important and God-fearing girls, in opposition to prostitutes, need their secret to be absolutely concealed. They are in a desperate desire of a guy who can keep his mouth shot in a ‘sensitive’ way about them. Anything about sex should be definitely swallowed up because ‘they’ need a guy who don’t think of exposing anything about their ‘canal’. They automatically wants to be ‘sure’ that he is mature enough to keep every loving moment secret. Perhaps that’s why they get it smart having it with an elderly person than with the member of their peer group.

Extremely putting it on record that you really mature is the first step to take. Under normal circumstances, indicate your serious need of absolute privacy, needing only to feel yourself with a paramount hope of a better future. When talking, keep your voice ‘too’ low in a brighter love of respect and peace.

Whenever she feels you are like her father, she certainly will love you the more with a ‘good’ dream and cherish to hang ‘out’ with you in a bed to enjoy those great moments she often thinks her parents do enjoy in a bedroom, without any care if she got pregnant, although she has a bright trust in you. You are mostly such a nice guy like a hero in a popular movies that needs an applause nomater how poor you are.

Some great Romance Psychologists and philosophers ‘firmly’ state that ‘make your girl laugh’ so she could never digress from loving to always ‘hook up’ in your arm. But I sincerely hope they don’t actually mean you should be an exceedingly joker or a comedian in your own domicile. In my own opinion, you should always avoid saying something as a joke. Whenever and wherever you talk, be absolutely serious and ‘frank.’

Always imagine something remarkable to say, something in ‘that’ low Voice that possesses a tendency to ring in her ears whenever she remembers you. This is probably the reminiscence of your being together. After having second sex, my friend said to his girl:

“I’m someone who think much about my friend, be it male or female. I keep things cover up for any security ‘purpose’. I’m not new to friendship, unless if I would say my own with you is a special type because I open ‘up’ to you for a reason that even if I die, people may expect you to know some hidden things about me. I’ve to open up to you in a different way unlike the way I do to members of my family. I wish all we do or discourse should be known only to me and you, till when it comes to that, if I’m alive, when we may decide to live till death do us part. I don’t know how your behaviours may be.”

Make your voice low possibly to remember. Be like my friend who had been dating a girl for two years but no one knew it till she got pregnant.

Watch out for part two.

Don’t ‘publish’ it without contacting the rightful owner. I also write for income.

Maren John Mafuyai

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