This Findings Can Help More Than 6,000,000 Lover Boys at the Same Time

  • If someone says, ‘Don’t show you are interesting’,

    interesting in work? In high commerce? In teaching? Or in intriguing young men to achieving their aims without diminishing returns?

    None of the above, really, and none of all zero-relationship cases.

    We talk of better sex, better life, better gyrations, and end up with: DON’T SHOW YOU ARE INTERESTING.

    GA vs GB

    I have conducted a secret research, two guys on one girl. I have signed up a contract with two handsome guys : GA (Guy A) and GB (Guy B) in order to come out with a fact, whether it is ideal or portentous to show a serious interest in a GF (Girl Friend) or not for a successful relationship.

    However, I summoned GA and GB, each from a different community, to befriend GF who never knew them before. GA showed GF he was very interesting in her by visiting her almost everyday, asking her to know how much she loves him, telling her the truth about himself, his work, his accomplishments, his perseverance, his family, his friends and colleagues; sometimes giving her money to use as transport fare to go to work.

    On the other hand, GB loved her but showed he was not interesting in her by not always visiting her, not asking to know how much she loved him, not telling her the absolute truth about himself, his family, his ambitions, his economy status, his friends and colleagues. Whenever he visited her, he certainly told her something about foreign countries, foreign exchange, foreign currencies, advanced geography and high economy, with lies that he is planning to visit his uncle in Germany. He never asked her to know something about her family, how the future of their love may be, how he would make her delight for the rest of her life. He never gave her money or gift.

    After six months came the great St. Valintine’s day for me to know the absolute truth. I had schedule in mind to conclude this findings on this day February 14, 2014.

    I asked GA to convince GF to meet him at Amusement Park at 4:30 p.m after work to watch St. Valintine Fun Fair. I asked GB to convince GF to meet him in his Friend’s Barber shop in Lord Lugard Street before introducing her to his close uncle at home in St. Thomas’ Street.

    GA had given GF a Gift of a beautiful pink dress while GB gave her nothing but told her his uncle would send him money to collect visa to Germany.

    But then, during St. Valintine’s day, at 4 p.m, GF rang and lied to GA that she would overtime at work, that they had dilatory visitors. She was a bakery manager at Diamond Hotel & Suit.

    “When do you think you can make it?” GA asked GF desperately and definitely for a true answer.
    “Perhaps after 1,2 or 3 hours”, GF replied.

    Meanwhile, she visited GB at his friend’s barber shop in Lord Lugard Street, sitting upon his laps.

    GA lost GF!

    From these study and its participants, I have drawn out four important conclusions:

    1. It is not by offering a gift a man can convinced a woman to love him, nor by being honest. GA offered her a gift but it didn’t work. She loved him but, finally, it wasn’t true.
    2. For a successful relationship, it is a man’s task to make a woman optimistic. GB made GF optimistic by showing her his family were rich, and that he had a bright future going abroad. He often talked of big countries and big economies.
    3. It is adequately relevant for a man to use suspense in a relationship. GB used it and succeeded. He did not give GF a gift, but he showed her he was rich, keeping her waiting that his gift would come in abundance since he is rich, not knowing, while waiting, he could make her pregnant.
    4. Above all, a theme of this study emerged. A man shouldn’t show a woman he is very very interesting in her. GB thoroughly used this technique and won GA. He never talked about her or about their relationship, he worried about luxury, big countries, big currencies, big economies and tourism. He latter introduced her to his uncle to make her trust him after he played with her conscience.

    Therefore, showing even someone else – your child, your boy friend, your co-worker, your husband, your wife, your brother, your sister your friend or your colleague – that you have interest in her or him can distract trust. Thinking you are targeting to cheat on her or him because he or she knew that most cheats and other devil families first come with money and gifts, is unequivocally an issue worth thinking of.

published January 29, 2015