Adult/How and Why Sexual Relationship Lasts

By Maren John Mafuyai

Sexual relationship or friendship lasts for some reasons. All things about sex are interesting. Where there is sex talk there are more fans. Pornographic sites is filled with fans, including those that claim to hate it. Let’s look at how and why.

Sexual urge makes people find sex necessary. Some love it because the hear about its pleasure. But in school, we are told that men and women try it as the result of wed dreams. Wed dream plays a role, however, there is something about it. Dream usually occurs as the result of what you are thinking about, or as the result of fever. In my own case, to have a wed dream, I have to think of sex, and, I suppose, it happens to most humans. When one tries to picture himself, trying to discover something in a woman’s underwear, he has a basis for having a serious wed dream. But he hardly wet his boxers if he has no memory of it. This is a wonderful question I will present a finding about.

A scholar who lived between 1856 and 1939 named Sigmund Freud was a medical pathologist, influenced by the life of a German Psychologist – Ernest Brucke. He believes that:
Man is ruled by life and death instincts. Life instincts include thirst, hunger and sex while death instincts include aggression and self destruction (as in war). The form of mental energy by which the life instincts perform their work is called ‘libido.’ it drives man into the search for pleasure. Right from infancy, the individual is influenced by it to achieve mature development. At infancy, the child’s search for gratification is limited to the release of hunger tension. This is attained by the child’s search for the mother’s breast. The child’s pleasure thus is the satisfaction of self, through the breast. In the 3rd or 4th year, the child’s genitals become a major focus of libidinal energy. Hence the penis and clitoris become a source of pleasure.

You have a girl, think about catching her breasts and proceed to know what is inside her undies. You go further to search for that point, and your penis erects and stiffens. You know how quickly you can pounce to dig in. During ejaculation, you hold each other, feeling warmed and healthy. What gives you pleasure is your penis, and what gives her is her clitoris. This pleasure makes relationship lasts. You will like doing it tomorrow and then next tomorrow. Whether you know it or not, these children to bear may keep your relationship in record.

We read about sex in books or on internet. We watch about it in movies. Only media keep it secret, knowing fully its demand. Whether we ever hear it or not, prostitutes with their managers and marketers make money with it on daily basis. It is obvious to see them building mansions. In every second, millions of people are having it, billions of dollars crashing. 90% having it in the morning, 80% in the afternoon and 99% in the night. Pregnant or S.T.D’s is the result. Pregnant doesn’t come from the wind. It is the result of all those groanings that have taken place.

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