How to Naturally Satisfy your Female Partner

By Maren John Mafuyai

Most men don’t know
* that those who are in love are those who agree to live for eachother.
* that women also have high sexual desire.
* that you want to have sex at the right time so does your female partner.
* that your female partner has a right to agree or disagree with your opinion.

If you suffer such issues of having low libido or less desire to satisfy your female partner, you are likely to have one or two of these problems: your partner is angry with you or don’t value you, hearing that someone is going out with your partner, your penis looks shrink or small, missing your wed dreams, not feeling flexibility around your waist or hip.

How to Naturally Satisfy your Female Partner and forget about having all such Problems

The following 3 tips are effective to satisfy your female partner naturally.

1. Use condom.

Using condom helps one perform sex longer than usual before ejaculation. It prevents you from STDs, makes your penis big as it remains stiff for a long time while performing sex.

2. Stretch your penis with your hands.

If you suffer low libido to have sex, stretching your penis when you are alone is a remedy. Doing this arouses your sexual desire, increases blood circulation in your penis veins and escalates the size of your penis. Blood circulation in such an area boosts your man power to ejaculate healthy sperm.

3. Massage your female partner’s breasts and thighs.

Grab your female partner’s breasts, twist them, rub your chest on them till you feel sexual stimuli. Push her legs apart and rub both of her thighs, twisting them toward her under.

Eat energy giving food to get strength.

Benefit of having regular sex

There are benefits of performing regular sex. Since performing it helps address the problems mentioned above, those solutions are the benefits.

Do you read from two of the above tips, that having regular sex escalates the size of a penis? It is this benefit that we broaden here.

Some penises turn small and shrink but when they erect or stiffen, they shoot big in size. When you embark on having a regular sex with your partner, doing it twice or thrice in a day, you will notice changes in its size. It normally soars big.

Penis enlargement treatment, therefore, doesn’t thrive unless with a routine exercise such as those mentioned above. Using medical treatment to increase the size of or charge your penis is dangerous. It can weaken your penis forever.