Adult Gossip/Hot Sex/She Lied in and Dragged Him down

Maren John Mafuyai
♥ ♥ ♥

Working in the Legislative Quarters, at Barrister’s Residence, a gardener wanted to set about parking garbage at the eastern part of the lawn. The work should be done with a rake and a shovel, but, yesterday, he took the rake back to the storeroom in the flat and left the shovel under an overhead tank, the Barrister’s Wife said a farmer would come to fetch poultry dung.

The gardener entered the flat to carry the rake in the storeroom and, as he opened the storeroom’s door, he heard the Barrister’s wife’s cry from the bathroom. He knew she was bathing but he rushed in to save her life. However, when he opened the door, he found her standing naked, full and attractive that his manhood rose and he became lustful.

The Barrister’s wife picked her towel from the peg, piloted him to the guest bedroom, lied in a bed and dragged him down. when he fell on her, she opened her legs widely before he removed his manhood, descended deeply and pumped in and out scrupulously with awe. Till he released.

© 2014